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The idea for GreaseBoss occurred when Steve was commissioning a mine site in Cloncurry.


A conveyor tail pulley collapsed, the person responsible told management that it had been greased, upon inspection, there was no evidence of greasing. Steve presented the idea for a grease gun that tracks each grease event at the Arc-Techstars hardware hackathon in Fortitude Valley, October 2019 and met the other cofounders"

Steve Barnett

MBA, B.Eng (Mechatronics)

Co-Founder of GreaseBoss, Steve has spent the last 15 years involved in all aspects of engineering, installation and maintenance of heavy mining equipment.


Prior to founding GreaseBoss, Steve launched a range of crushing equipment into the Australian market for a multinational mining OEM. Steve spent several years participating in the Brisbane startup ecosystem at frequent hackathons, looking for opportunities to bring tech into heavy mining equipment. Steve pitched the idea for GreaseBoss at Arc Techstars Start up weekend, met the cofounders and GreaseBoss was born

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Tim Hall

B.Eng (Mechanical)

Tim, a co-founder of GreaseBoss, has developed a broad skillset through a career progression from mechanical field engineer to project manager, operations manager and entrepreneur.  


Tim’s passion for leading technical, engineering focussed ventures has seen him succeed in large scale industrial construction, advanced helicopter modification, underwater drone development and digital radio network implementation projects.  Tim’s proven track record of successful execution will ensure that GreaseBoss continues to grow and deliver high value products and services to GreaseBoss’ customers

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Peter Condoleon

B.Eng (Mechatronics),
B.InfTech (Computer Systems and Networks)

Peter is the technical co-founder of GreaseBoss with experience ranging development of computer and web applications to design of robotics and embedded systems.


As a recipient of the New Colombo mobility scholarship, Peter received the opportunity to study in Japan where he explored advanced manufacturing practices. His understanding of electronics, mechanical design and software places him in a unique position to effectively manage and integrate various aspects of the GreaseBoss system. Being the youngest member of the GreaseBoss team, Peter offers creative problem solving and innovative thinking to the development of GreaseBoss products.

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Our Partners

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Melt Accelerator

The Melt provides startups with the funding, tools and services they need to help build great hardware businesses. The Melt also provides large companies with R&D as a Service to help extract trapped IP and ideas to generate new products quickly.

77 Partners

77 Partners actively partners with exceptional founders from across the 77 regions of Queensland, Australia and beyond to build investible and scalable ventures. 77 Partners also happen to be backed by one of the leading early stage VC firms in Silicon Valley.

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