Head Unit

The GreaseBoss Head Unit is the “smart tool” that makes the GreaseBoss system so revolutionary.  The GreaseBoss Head unit is your own Quality Assurance Officer on site.  It provides straightforward guidance and realtime information to operators on-site to ensure equipment is lubricated as per the maintenance schedule.

Key features of the GreaseBoss Head Unit are:


  • Retrofittable to any grease gun, the GreaseBoss Head Unit can be incorporated into any workplace with ease and minimal training

  • Large screen to display realtime data to operators on greasing requirements for each nipple including:

    • Whether or not the nipple requires greasing on that day

    • The quantity of grease to be applied, 

    • Live metering of applied grease with alerts for over greasing

    • Alerts if the nipple requires a different type of grease to that in the grease gun

  • Multiple connectivity options, including wifi, 4G and LoRa

  • Regular synchronisation to the GreaseCloud to keep data live, in the GreaseBoss Head Unit and the GreaseCloud

  • Ability to operate in “offline mode” (with no internet connection) for an entire day

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